Re: UML Class Connection Point PATCH against CVS

Le Wed, Jun 26, 2002, à 11:43:48AM -0700, Tim Ellis a écrit:
On Wed, 26 Jun 2002 07:46:26 +0200
Cyrille Chepelov <cyrille chepelov org> wrote:

Insofar as a patch against 0.90 applies cleanly to the CVS Head, it
doesn't matter. But it wouldn't hurt if you could try to apply the patch
on one recent snapshot tarball, there has been some activity these last
few days...

I checked out CVS, modified, and diff'd (attached).

Of course, the patch itself should be correct, but this can usually be
figured out rather quickly.

I am unable to compile the CVS that I've checked out. It fails on autogen
during the configure stage:


You must install glib 2.0, gtk+ 2.0 and Pango 1.0 to be able to compile
this. I'd appreciate if you could try again.

Meanwhile, I'll have a look at your patch once I give up trying to figure
out how to do the PS export.

        -- Cyrille


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