Re: 3.2 features: login screen


On Fri, May 20, 2011 at 11:21 AM, Johannes Schmid <jhs jsschmid de> wrote:
> Hi!
>> B. Not planned, no. This is intended to configure a handful of
>> essential things, not an open-ended list of things you might want to
>> set up if happen to know about them. If twitter-esque web services
>> become supported by 'online accounts', that would make it possible for
>> gwibber to pick up the configuration from there.
> I have very mixed feelings about not allowing any customization here,
> especially for web-services where we mostly talk about proprietary web
> services:
> a) Who decides which to include? Why would we include Google and
> Facebook but not Bing or UbuntuOne*? This is one of the points Microsoft
> got sued badly by the EU in the past.
> * Don't take this examples to literally...

It's just not that simple. I briefly explained the problems here


 - The technical problems involve managing N times M times P

 - There might be really nasty Terms Of Service issues

 - I expect 3.2 to only support Google, Yahoo providers

 - I expect 3.2 to only support Mail and Calendar services

After 3.2 we can add more providers and more kinds of services. I'm
still working on this.


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