Re: systemd as external dependency

Em Qui, 2011-05-19 às 14:16 +0200, Olav Vitters escreveu:
> On Thu, May 19, 2011 at 08:39:12AM -0300, Evandro Fernandes Giovanini wrote:
> > Telling people to switch distributions is a much bigger turn off than
> > you realize. The barrier to contributing to GNOME should not be that
> > high, and many will follow the "switch to a different OS" advice as
> > "contribute to something else, this is too much". That doesn't help
> > anyone.
> Anyone is welcome to help out on IRC.
> I don't really get your comment though. Sometimes people do not want to
> switch, so ehr.. they say so and I continue giving the best advice while
> keeping in mind that restriction. So sometimes I've said 'ask your
> distro'.

Olav, I'm not trying to call you out or anything. I've seen you help out
quite a lot of people on GNOME mailing lists and IRC and you do a great

To clarify my point: some people don't mind at all being told "just
install Fedora 15 and it'll be easy-peasy". Heck, I know people who seem
to try every new live CD that's released because they love trying new

It's just that for *some* installing a whole new system they're not
familiar with is asking a *lot*. They'll have to spend hours to find,
download, install and learn a whole lot before they can actually get to
GNOME 3. "apt-get install build-essential" and such won't work anymore,
etc. You may think you just gave them some helpful advice, they'll look
at your response and think "that's a whole lot of work, maybe I'll go do
something else".

> > If you're not familar enough with Ubuntu to understand the problems
> > people are having with the GNOME 3 ppa then simply redirect them to the
> > GNOME 3 ppa mailing list, where they can find people qualified to help
> > with those specific issues.
> It wasn't about GNOME 3 ppa, it was about how to contribute to GNOME.
> Due note: I gave the best advice what was known to me and nobody else
> responded. Maybe what you suggested would've solved it, no idea, I
> didn't know, nobody else responded.

Right, but if they can't contribute to GNOME because of a Ubuntu GNOME 3
PPA problem then someone familiar with that PPA can help them get past
that problem, and then they can easily contribute to GNOME. It might be
that the problem they're having in Ubuntu is actually quite simple to
solve, and much easier than installing a new system from scratch. :)


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