Re: systemd as external dependency

Il giorno gio, 19/05/2011 alle 12.00 +0200, Olav Vitters ha scritto:

> No, not at all what I meant. That would be really really bad.
> Just that if someone asks on #gnome which distribution to start his
> jhbuild on, I'd make clear that Ubuntu would mean a lot of difficulties.

Are you sure? There are good pages on about how to use
jhbuild on Ubuntu and which packages you could need to install.

Maybe, jhbuild *itself* means a lot of difficulties, it's not a tool for
newcomers, whatever distro you could use.

I fail to see how could was harder build gnome 3 from git using Fedora
14 (just an example) instead Ubuntu 10.10 as base system. The same
software was on both distro (with different patches, of course) and both
lacked the bleeding edge video card drivers needed to have a working
GNOME Shell. 

> Before anyone misunderstands, I'd give the same advice about e.g.
> Mandriva. Oh, and Ubuntu is based upon what I read (IRC and so on) +
> feedback during the 3.0 party, not personal experience.

So, do we need a list of good/bad distro? :)

Cheers, Luca

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