Re: systemd as external dependency

On Thu, May 19, 2011 at 01:10:02PM +1000, Andrew Cowie wrote:
> The number of times I have been mocked and derided and laughed at on IRC
> is staggering. "That's not a real distro". "That's not maintained by
> real GNOME people". "Don't use that" "Switch distros!"

I see nothing wrong with the latter two:
 "Don't use that"
 "Switch distros!"

That is perfectly valid advice. You need various things in your
distribution to help GNOME development. I would not advise anyone to use
Ubuntu anymore when they want to get involved with GNOME.

GNOME should run on any distribution, but if a distribution has a big
focus and is known to be problematic to do development upon, advice on
that is a good thing.

The first 2 statements are not good though:
 "That's not a real distro"
 "That's not maintained by real GNOME people"

Though even the latter I could explain in a more 'assume mean well' way.

Hope that if you get bad behaviour, you do speak with those people

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