Re: systemd as external dependency

Le mercredi 18 mai 2011 à 18:16 +0200, Lennart Poettering a écrit : 
> Thanks, I'll call it Josselin's law: "As an online discussion grows
> longer, the probability of a comparison involving Ulrich Drepper
> approaches 1.".

Do you really think that this kind of reaction will make your point?

> I am not making things difficult: you are yourself making things
> difficult. Debian kFreeBSD is a toy OS. About 10 people on this earth
> use it. About 0.4 of those probably run GNOME on it. Of that half a
> person only about 0.2 probably expect it to work properly.
> I am not sure why you ask me to care about your interest into toy
> OSes. I am not sure why you think that your interest in toy OSes should
> set the agenda for GNOME.

You know, one of the reasons for kFreeBSD is that some people consider
Linux as a toy OS. You’re always someone else’s fool, after all.

kFreeBSD has more than 95% of the Debian archive ported, with only a
very small part of it non-functional. This is more software than any
other Linux distribution. There is a more active and numerous community
than e.g. for the PowerPC port. Its features make it more
server-oriented, for sure, but RHEL too is server-oriented and I haven’t
read about GNOME making it harder to support RPM.

So far we managed to disable only minor functionality on kFreeBSD
(unlike Hurd, which barely works at all). Making such a move towards
being Linux-only would be a radical change in the GNOME community, which
has been so far very supportive of any kind of porting efforts
(including on Windows, which is far more complicated to support than

 .''`.      Josselin Mouette
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