Re: On the Interaction with the design team

2011/6/7 Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org>:
> yesterday I asked the same question (where to follow design discussions,
> apart from IRC), and I was told to monitor
> and children pages, which is enough to get a peak of what they are doing
> indeed.

And this only comes up after dozens of emails, and only because you
thought it was worthwhile to mention it here? I think this is the kind
of questions several people are seeking answers for, and most mails
are about "what are you asking for, things are already great!",
wouldn't it save a lot of time to start with this kind of information
that few people seem to know about?
I think a good first step to solve the the misconceptions about the
design team would be to explicitly write down on some wiki page how it
works, how to interact with it,... so that we can point people at this
page when they seem not to understand these interactions.
Fwiw, when I've also been told about some public IRC meetings every
week where people can come and ask design questions (that was my
understanding, correct me if that's a wrong interpretation of what I
was told), and I don't think this has been mentioned a lot during this
thread (some things unfortunately need to be repeated over and over to
get into people's mind)
So what about some kind of FAQ about the design team so that everyone
is on the same line, and to make sure everyone has the same level of
information? It seems there are some things about the design team that
are implicitly assumed as known, and when people don't know these
implicit things, we end up with miscommunication and information



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