Re: On the Interaction with the design team

On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 7:59 AM, Joanmarie Diggs <joanied gnome org> wrote:
Hey Allan.

> > But past interactions have (in my
> > personal experience) been negative.
> Can you elaborate?

Yes, but I was (and am) somewhat hesitant to because I honestly don't
wish to stir pots. I'd rather just move forward in a positive direction.
And perhaps you read my mind in that regard since you then pinged me via
IRC. (Thanks!)

So I think we've clarified some areas of difficulty and gotten more on
the same page about what are -- and are not -- "design team interaction
issues." Hopefully we can continue this dialog and get our teams working
more closely together.

Thanks so much for your time today! Take care.

Feel free to send  Allan private mail discussing it.  You don't have to make it a public discussion.  It's more important that they get the feedback.  I'd be hesitant as well.  Allan doesn't bite. :-)


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