Re: On the Interaction with the design team

Hey all.

I was planning on staying out of this one, conflict-avoidant creature
that I tend to be. But.... I'm with Dave:

> To sum it all up, I
> believe the current dynamic of the design team is doing damage to GNOME
> as a community.

I would love to find ways for the design team and the accessibility team
to work better together. Surely we must have some common ground, and
there has to be some happy medium between ATs that are visually pleasing
and look like they belong within GNOME 3 and yet still address the needs
of users with disabilities. The designers bring the former to the table,
I think our team brings the latter. But past interactions have (in my
personal experience) been negative. 

Part of me believes that I should just suck it up and get thicker skin.
But most of me concludes that contributing to GNOME is something I
(supposedly) do "for fun." So seeing some way to improve this situation
would be a great step forward I think.


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