Re: My thoughts on fallback mode

Le mardi 04 janvier 2011 à 00:14 +0000, Emmanuele Bassi a écrit : 
> >  and controlling CPU state (on laptops)
> controlling CPU state is the job of the kernel, not the user. if the
> user has to be involved *at all* then we already lost and no amount of
> papering over is going to solve this fuck up. 

In a perfect world where all applications are exempt from bugs, that
would be true. In the real world, which is full of javascript or flash
running wild on crappy websites, you want to know when your CPU starts

Jeez, I have even seen hardware that crashes if the CPU frequency
changes too much, forcing to use the userspace governor and the cpufreq
applet to set the frequency. (Yes, this should be fixed in the BIOS and
kernel somehow. No, this won’t happen. Not a perfect world.) 

> plus, the CPU state
> display is going to affect the state the CPU is in - which kind of
> doubly misses the point.

I have seen junk software that does it, but this is definitely not true
of the cpufreq applet.

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