Re: My thoughts on fallback mode

Sergey Udaltsov schreef op ma 03-01-2011 om 23:38 [+0000]:
> > to clarify: What exactly do you expect from the release team?
> Some more positive attitude to gnome-applets, first of all. 

For what it's worth: to me Gnome Applets is more than a random
collection of pretty "useless" applets. These applets seem really
important for a decent fallback experience:

- Trash
- CPU Freq
- Charachter Picker
- Multiload

In fact, I don't know how the functionality of those applets (except for
the Trash applet) is provided in Gnome 3. Still being able to type
"weird" characters and controlling CPU state (on laptops) is important
for many users.

That said, these applets are probably less important or even obsolete:

- Battstat: obsoleted by Gnome Power Manager
- Drivemount: automounting by Nautilus and friends seems much more
- Geyes: Useless fun
- Mixer: The mixer notification icon does exactly the same
- Modem: seems obsoleted by NetworkManager/ModemManager
- Sticky Notes: Tomboy seems to cover the same use case

I'm unsure about these ones:

- AccessX Status
- Invest
- Weather

(Note: this is what Debian packages in the gnome-applets package. I'm
not sure what the upstream defaults are, but Debian usually follows
those quite closely.)

    — Wouter

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