Re: My thoughts on fallback mode

On Tue, 2011-01-04 at 20:58 +0100, Wouter Bolsterlee wrote:
> Maciej Piechotka schreef op di 04-01-2011 om 20:43 [+0100]:
> > On Tue, 2011-01-04 at 20:37 +0100, Wouter Bolsterlee wrote:
> > > Let me add "convenient for frequent use" to my original phrasing and my
> > > point still holds.
> > I believe that compose key gives such option.
> > Say Compose+g+a can be configured to give alpha.
> Oh yes, it's very convenient for me, and also for others who know about
> it and explicitly enabled it in their keyboard configuration (hidden in
> a dozen other options behind 3 level dialog structure).
> My point was that there should be a more easily discoverable and
> user-friendly way, i.e. "pick from a visual list" versus "remember
> sequences hidden behind an invisible magic key". The character map
> applet provides exactly this, which is why I am arguing it is essential,
> especially for many non-English speakers.

To be honest - I *did* try to add modification of keyboard feature

Personally I'd like to have an advanced, easy to use, integrated with
desktop keyboard editor.


> (FYI: Dutch requires some accented letters to be able to write
> correctly, but those characters are not on our keyboards since all
> computers have a generic American English keyboard.)

(FYI. So do Polish, the exact letters are ąćęń󟿥ĆĘŃÓŹŻ. I managed to
tweak keyboard by xmodmap although you may also choose to switch
keyboard layout - I don't since I normally use UK keyboard which have
few keys in different places and I don't like if @ key is in different

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