Re: My thoughts on fallback mode

On 01/03/11 19:14, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:

>>  Still being able to type
>> "weird" characters
> I count three ways of doing that:
> • Ctrl + Shift + U + <hexadecimal>.
> • Compose key.
> • Character Map

Ideally we want a context menu facility to enter new characters (by opening /
embedding charmap) or insert recently used weird-characters (and possibly
assign keybindings to them.

>>  and controlling CPU state (on laptops)
> controlling CPU state is the job of the kernel, not the user. if the
> user has to be involved *at all* then we already lost and no amount of
> papering over is going to solve this fuck up. plus, the CPU state
> display is going to affect the state the CPU is in - which kind of
> doubly misses the point.

But wanting to monitor the CPU speed as well as stuff the system-monitor
applets shows has many legit uses.


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