Re: My thoughts on fallback mode

Le mardi 04 janvier 2011 à 20:58 +0100, Christopher Roy Bratusek a
écrit : 
> The solution would have been to provide a fallback mode for GNOME-Shell, which 
> allows it to run with any WM. AFAIR it was rejected because of architectual 
> reason, which if you ask me don't make sense, as the stack below is still the 
> same (kernel, x11, gtk, clutter).

Seriously, you are completely missing the point.

In this thread, many reasons for which gnome-panel is good have been
told. Some of them silly, most of them very valid. But just because it
is good, it is completely unrealistic to ask the Shell developers to
keep all of the corresponding features in their new solution. In order
to cope with other, incompatible needs, they made design choices that
make this impossible. For very good reasons too.

Instead of focusing on telling the Shell developers do this or that (and
frankly, if I were them, that would be the last kind of speech I would
like to hear), you should focus on keeping the gnome-panel experience

Said otherwise, you should invest time in helping to maintain
gnome-panel and port it to work with GNOME 3 technologies (think mostly
of the control center, maybe of GTK+ 3), instead of investing it on
trolling this mailing list. That would achieve what you want in a much
better and more useful way.

> Just one last thing for now: Most of those who disagreed with me are 
> developers, most of them who agreed with me are users. 

Users? Let me laugh. Power users, maybe. As soon as you are talking
about people wanting to customize their window manager, you are not
talking about real users. Users might understand having a choice between
GNOME and GNOME Classic, just as they understand the one between GNOME
and KDE, given the huge difference in general ergonomy - and even that
is too much for some categories of people. But window managers? A real
user might not even know he can add new applets to his panel!

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