Re: My thoughts on fallback mode

On Tue, 2011-01-04 at 00:50 +0100, Wouter Bolsterlee wrote:
> Sergey Udaltsov schreef op ma 03-01-2011 om 23:38 [+0000]:
> > > to clarify: What exactly do you expect from the release team?
> > Some more positive attitude to gnome-applets, first of all. 
> For what it's worth: to me Gnome Applets is more than a random
> collection of pretty "useless" applets. These applets seem really
> important for a decent fallback experience:
> - Trash
> - CPU Freq
> - Charachter Picker
> - Multiload
> In fact, I don't know how the functionality of those applets (except for
> the Trash applet) is provided in Gnome 3.

the trash applet was written as a simple way to access the trash when
the desktop (as it always happens) is covered; but, and I'm saying it as
one of the original co-writers, if you're using it then you most likely
already have a Nautilus window open - which makes the trash target

in any case, it should either be in process with the panel - as it's
part of the user experience, like the clock; or it should be shipped by

>  Still being able to type
> "weird" characters

I count three ways of doing that:

• Ctrl + Shift + U + <hexadecimal>.
• Compose key.
• Character Map

>  and controlling CPU state (on laptops)

controlling CPU state is the job of the kernel, not the user. if the
user has to be involved *at all* then we already lost and no amount of
papering over is going to solve this fuck up. plus, the CPU state
display is going to affect the state the CPU is in - which kind of
doubly misses the point.



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