Re: Call to maintainers: GNOME 2.31 to ship GTK 2.90


>> I don't see how that's a different problem from GNOME as a whole using
>> a newer glib and pushing modules to use the new functionality.
> It's not really but GNOME never had rules saying that maintainers can't
> decide to add support for older version in their code if the newest glib
> is not available at build time.

Just from the point of a module maintainer: Yes, we will have an option to
support gtk2 builds for now as none of our developers is using a
environment that has gtk3 at the moment (meaning most are not on jhbuild).
But we plan to drop support more or less as soon as GNOME 3 is out maybe
even ealier if we use the GApplication/GtkApplication API. We will no
maintain a version compatible with older libraries in the future.

You also spoke about targetting long-term releases of distributions: In
short, speaking of me, I don't, because there are many of them and they
use different library versions. Code changes too fast to keep
compatibility. As such, they may use our old stable releases but there
won't be any support.

I think it would be awesome if Ubuntu shipped Gtk+-3.0 as default (read:
live-cd) and Gtk+-2.0 for compatibility for other apps but it is your


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