Re: Call to maintainers: GNOME 2.31 to ship GTK 2.90

Le lundi 14 juin 2010 à 11:38 +0100, Bastien Nocera a écrit :
> That's not a decision for the software writers to make when their code
> is in the GNOME release. 

Why would GNOME tell software writers that their code can't have build
time options to use either gtk2 or gtk3?

> I don't see how that's a different problem from GNOME as a whole using
> a newer glib and pushing modules to use the new functionality.

It's not really but GNOME never had rules saying that maintainers can't
decide to add support for older version in their code if the newest glib
is not available at build time.

> If OO.o or Firefox are blockers, where's the push to get those
> building against GTK+ 3.x? 

Not sure for who they are blocker, those are not part of GNOME and GNOME
should not take decisions based on those. Distributors in the other side
often have different requirements and take their decisions based on
those. We will try to work on helping making those to build with GTK3,
we just plan this work on several cycles for reason explained before.

Sebastien Bacher

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