Re: Call to maintainers: GNOME 2.31 to ship GTK 2.90

Le 10/06/10 13:27, Richard Hughes a écrit :
On 10 June 2010 12:24, Andre Klapper<ak-47 gmx net>  wrote:
This requires module maintainers to port their modules now (if you don't
want an angry release-team mob soon in front of your house).

So, should we be requesting gtk3>= 2.90 in now? At least
for Fedora rawhide the lack of gtk-engines makes all the gtk3-using
application look fugly.

To make Empathy build with gtk3 we need:

 - libcanberra-gtk-3
 - libchamplain-gtk-3
 - libclutter-gtk-3
 - libunique-3 (or drop gtk2 compatibility and use GtkApplication)
 - libwebkit-3

Once they are all released and parallel installable (we would like to not lose gtk2 compatibility), we are ready to make the move :-)

Xavier Claessens.

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