Re: GNOME 2.26 module inclusion discussion heats up

Le jeudi 15 janvier 2009 à 12:55 +0100, Rodrigo Moya a écrit :
> > If the two applets don’t share the basic UI (one panel applet and one
> > notification icon), that’s a bigger problem. I guess we could always
> > ship the GStreamer one and start the PA one only if PA is running, but
> > that’s not very consistent.
> > 
> you're right here, we need some sort of run-time activation of one
> applet or the other. I guess gnome-settings-daemon's sound module could
> add the applet or the notification icon depending on PA/not PA.

The problem is not about being able to start the applet, which is at
worst a job of encapsulating it in a script. The problem is about having
the same basic UI in both cases.

For example, if you notice PA doesn’t work for you and disable it, you
will stop seeing the notification icon when logging in again. However
the GStreamer applet will not be started, since its startup mechanism is
very different and depends on the panel configuration.

OTOH, if during an upgrade the default changes to being PA, there will
suddenly be two mixer controls on the panel.

Hence the need for some homogenization. Given the various concerns that
have been raised about misusing the notification area, I think we should
re-focus on the applet idea.

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