Re: GNOME 2.26 module inclusion discussion heats up

eOn Mon, 12.01.09 20:23, Josselin Mouette (joss debian org) wrote:

> Le lundi 12 janvier 2009 à 17:33 +0100, Lennart Poettering a écrit :
> > Isn't the fact that we plan to include both volume controls in GNOME
> > transition phase enough? Those distros who like PA adopt the new one,
> > the ones who don't continue to use the old one. Distros who are unable
> > to decide have to ship both, but hey that's what you get when you
> > cannot decide.
> Oh right, so we have to choose between supporting only PA and screw
> other users, or not benefit from PA at all. What a choice.

Uh? You can ship both if you wish and pass the decision what to use to
the user. I mean, that is the usual way Debian solves problems like
this, isn't it?

> Again, this should not be a distribution choice. PA is a good thing to
> have, and we should be able to improve desktop experience with it,
> without saying a big “fuck off” to users who can’t adopt it yet.

Of course it should be a distribution's choice to adopt PA -- or not to
adopt PA -- or (in the case of Debian) not to make a decision at
all and pass it to the user.

I am not sure why you think that shipping both volume controls is a
"big fuck off". Please elaborate.

There are quite a few features that cannot be implemented in the old
volume control (or only with major beefups of the Gst mixer code with
features with only a signle backend that implements them --
i.e. uglyness, redundancy, too much work, abstractionitis). For
traditional audio interfaces the old g-v-c was fine. For PA the new one
is fine. Since we know not everyone wants to adopt PA just yet both
will be supported for a while.

What exactly are you requesting? That everyone who adopts PA ships
only the old g-v-c? That someone does the pointless work of extending GstMixer
for the full functionality?

> > Given that some people don't want to adopt PA anytime soon (such as
> > the Solaris folks) I don't think we will be able to remove the old Gst
> > mixer any time soon either.
> How about the applet then? Is there a plan to bring back a gst-based
> one?

Dunno. If you insist it could probably be kept around, but that's not
up to me to decide.


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