Re: GNOME 2.26 module inclusion discussion heats up

Il giorno dom, 11/01/2009 alle 00.10 +0100, Andre Klapper ha scritto:
> Ahoj,

> Proposed External Deps:
>       * libproxy
>       * unique
>       * Mono.Addins
>       * libgda
>       * libnotify
>       * notification-daemon
>       * libmapi
>       * samba4

Please also note that on current trunk the Audio capplet from
gnome-control-center and the Volume Control applet from gnome-applets
was replaced in favour of new gnome-volume-control and
gnome-volume-control-applet[1] in gnome-media[2].

This new volume control stuff requires pulseaudio.

Also, but I'm not sure, anjuta no longer builds if you don't have

[1] it's a notification icon, to be honest....
[2] I think we should also check if this new stuff is a good replacement
for old stuff.

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