Re: New module proposal: tracker

Le mardi 18 août 2009, à 20:26 +0200, Vincent Untz a écrit :
> Le mardi 18 août 2009, à 20:19 +0200, Philip Van Hoof a écrit :
> > We'll do our best and are committed to formulate our answers in a
> > non-vague way and improve the communication of the project's members,
> > about the project, towards the community.
> Maybe just clearly state what tracker (or tracker-store, the thread
> already lost me :/) will bring to GNOME if integrated. I don't want to
> hear about ontology, sparql, data store, indexer, or whatever. I want to
> know what it will bring me as a user, and what opportunity it gives me as a
> hacker, for my modules.
> So, yeah. Just list use cases. (Somebody already gave a few examples in
> a mail, iirc, but it got lost in the noise for me).

Thanks for the listing some use cases. But I guess I should also have
asked: which of those use cases are ready to be integrated in GNOME now?
(ie, assuming we accept tracker today, which patches can we merge?)

Note that I'm not for/against tracker; I'm just trying to understand
what accepting it in the desktop for 2.30 will change for 2.30. If the
reply is "nothing, it's a chicken-and-egg problem", then I would think
that proposing it as an external dependency first could make more sense.

(and on a general note, I agree with Matthias' mail about finding what
we're trying to achieve)


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