Re: New module proposal: tracker

On 18/08/09 16:53, Alberto Ruiz wrote:
2009/8/18 Martyn Russell<martyn lanedo com>:
On 18/08/09 16:18, Jamie McCracken wrote:

The indexer part is optional

Well, right now it isn't but it will be at some point sure.

The main part tracker-store is just a database with querying and is to
be used by zeitgeist

If the consensus is that indexer is not suitable for inclusion then the
separate tracker-store should be considered for inclusion separately

That doesn't make any sense to me either. On its own it is useless then, at
least with the file system crawler it can populate the database and be

I don't agree here, Tracker-store is actually quite useful without the
file system indexer, we're already using it to grab data from the
network at Codethink. Although I agree that the indexer gives
tracker-store unleashes the full potential, a semantic storage of its
own is quite useful as some applications can use it for more
specialized things than just bulk hard disk indexing.

Well, as I said earlier, if you download tracker and all it has is a store, you can't actually use it because there will be no data to query and no way to populate the data without depending on other applications. With the file system miner you at least have fallback to use and it can be optionally disabled by ISVs if they have other needs/miners.

IMHO tracker-store should be a module of its own, and the indexer be
just one of the different possible providers. (This will also help to
avoid confusion when people talk about what tracker is and what
tracker isn't).

Well, I don't think that helps. We also discussed releasing tracker with no UI and people on the mailing list already said it wouldn't be useful and were against it. What you are suggesting here is similar and I think people would be much more against it.

The only reason you're suggesting tracker-store shouldn't be called "tracker" is due to the social stigma associated with what Tracker is, i.e. all about the file system. If people understand the changes then there really is no need to do this. Clear communication can resolve that.


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