Re: Focusing on innovation re: mono, python et al

Hubert Figuiere wrote:
I thought we were targeting a desktop platform for ISV to integrate it?
  In that case it make sense to provide modules.

BTW what about providing the Office suite first? Because Gnome
penetration is first into large "business" [1] deployment, and and
Office suite is more likely to hit that target. We still don't, but
distribution vendors do.

I'd advocate being more specific than this. According to Federico's stuff, which also agrees with my observations, the success is when:
 - thin client / fixed function works
 - low cost is important (government / edu)

[1] business  as in opposition to home market: cities, universities,
whatever were people do *productive* work and not hobby/entertainment,
which is essentially e-mail, web-based, office (word processing,
spreadsheets), etc.

But business as in large companies with a lot of money and people doing office productivity, there's not much success. Some reasons for that:
 - the cost of the Windows/Office license simply is not a big deal
 - thin client has no value when laptops are involved, and laptops
   are almost always involved
 - these companies have hundreds of existing apps
 - these companies have bothered to set up all the active directory
   and other windows management stuff and have it working
 - users are heavily invested in MS Office, Outlook, and similar and
   the IT department is not going to be able to win a political battle
   to disrupt all that

So this is a different thing entirely from the thin client / government-edu deployments.

Small business, medium business, and I might guess businesses outside the US are all yet more different cases.

When talking about target audience, it should be a lot more specific than "home" vs. "business" in other words.

The specifics here heavily affect decisions. For example, would we want a word processor more like Pages or more like Word. Or do we need to care about a word processor at all. Or a desktop at all.


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