Re: Focusing on innovation re: mono, python et al

On 7/15/06, Chipzz <chipzz ulyssis org> wrote:

> Beagle

Quite important IMO, but we have tracker as a replacement.

I'm not holding my breath for tracker really...Call it a hunch, or
female intuition or something...

> Diva

Same as monodevelop.

Umm, no, its a video editor...same as pitivi.

Do we really need an audio/video editor in gnome???

> Jokosher

Or a music editor???

Well, it hasn't harmed apple in any way.

People want to do cool things. We need to provide them with a way to
do what they want. We need something to make people passionate about
using GNOME. A calculator, a terminal and a text editor won't cut it,
even if they're the greatest damn calculator, terminal and text
editors in the world. Even if they're translated into 52 languages

"People can get a text editor anywhere. okay? They come to GNOME for
the atmosphere and the attitude. Okay?"

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