Re: focus! (was Re: Focusing on innovation re: mono, python et al)

Jeff Waugh wrote:
<quote who="Havoc Pennington">

There's also Windows apps, "embedded" (focused?) devices, online services,
all kinds of stuff that could serve the goal of bringing an open source
computing platform to the general public.

If you were at GUADEC you would've heard about some interesting action in
this area (which will be more widely announced in the coming months). :-)


Good to hear! Now spread it through the project: why are GNOME mailing lists, web site, release groupings, etc. all proceeding merrily along as if the goal is "make a desktop"... while even the immediate ecosystem is clearly not about that exclusively or even mostly.

My big picture question, why would GNOME never have produced things like, and still is not producing things like:
 - itunes/ipod
 - gmail
 - shutterfly
 - flickr
 - MySpace
 - TiVo
 - ...

Or even why is GNOME sidelining things like:
 - Maemo
 - Elisa
 - One Laptop Per Child
 - ...

My first-order answer is that GNOME thinks of itself as "making a desktop" - even though the _reality_ is that the larger GNOME community/ecosystem is doing way more than that, and that the larger tech industry is doing still more.


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