Re: gtk 2.8 for gnome 2.12


> > We know that the testing at most has been running for six days.
> No, you don't.  You asserted it.  And it happens to be false.  ;-)

How exactly have you been testing Gnome with Gtk 2.7.3 for more than six
days, I would love to know what kind of time machine you have.

> > This is a breach of the time-line and a breach of deadlines that we have
> > imposed upon ourselves to follow.
> We can't stick to a plan that doesn't exist.  As pointed out by
> others, Gtk+ 2.6 with Gnome 2.12 was _never_ planned.  Yes, gtk+-2.6
> for Gnome 2.12 was discussed as a contingency plan, and some wanted to
> make it the plan, but that is it.

Am talking about the time-line here:

You might want to familiarize yourself with the dates.

The only formal communication coming out of the release team came out
too late, no matter how much consensus you think you reached with the
handful of people who were on the thread, you are past your deadline.

> Nope, another incorrect assertion; it was decided on d-d-l.  Also, the
> gtk+ developers don't release 2.8.0 until it's stable.  Releasing
> 2.8.0 is their way of saying it is stable.  Now, you want to come in
> months after the discussions and final decision, and say that the gtk+
> developers are not competent to determine stability of their product
> and that the release team and QA teams were also wrong in their
> judgement of whether to use it?  Gee, thanks.

In June 8th the issue was first brought up, in a question asked by
Frederic.  I do not see any consensus being reached on that thread.

Then the second thread started this Monday (where a handful of people
voted "yes"), so it is hardly an issue that was decided "months ago".

I am not making any statements about the competence of Gtk+ developers,
so do not put words in my mouth.   

I consider this plain risk management.  Specially considering:

	* There is little time to do any changes in software to 
	  take advantage of it (If we are going to respect the
	  timelines that the release team is putting out).

	* There is little benefit from using Gtk 2.8 in Gnome 2.12 
	  at a fairly high risk price.

	* Those who want Cairo in their apps can use it today 


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