Re: Clearlooks and GNOME 2.12

On Thu, 2005-07-21 at 09:16 -0300, James Henstridge wrote:
> On 21/07/05 03:45, Thomas Wood wrote:
> > gtk-engines is already required by gnome-themes, so rather than adding
> > yet another dependancy, I think including Clearlooks in gtk-engines
> > saves hassle for both users, developers and distributors.
> Distributors don't particularly like it when particular functionality is
> provided by multiple packages.  They need to patch the functionality out
> from one.
> With two copies of gtk-themes, a distributor needs to decide which one
> to use.  Having two version numbers for the theme (the clearlooks
> version and the gtk-themes package version) also produces more work for
> the distributor if they decide to switch to the other copy.
> With dependency aware package update systems and developer tools like
> jhbuild, having clearlooks as a separate tarball/package doesn't seem to
> be that much of a hassle for users/developers.

All right, let's break this down by point and solve it:

1) My gnome-themes patch actually requires a newer version of
Clearlooks than what's in gtk-engines.  Either we need to update
the version in gtk-engines, or we need to depend on Clearlooks
and remove the engine from gtk-engines.

2) My gnome-themes patch had a Metacity theme, which is just the
stock Clearlooks Metacity theme, no modifications.  If we just
depend on Clearlooks, there's no need to put it there.  *BUT*,
Metacity has the GConf scheme that declares its default theme,
so either Metacity has to depend on gnome-themes, or it has to
depend on Clearlooks.  These both seem weird to me.

3) My theme is like the default Clearlooks theme, but it has a
more vibrant selection color.  Most people seem to like that
modification.  It makes things look less washed out, without
being obnoxiously bright.  I was actually originally pushing
the DeepSky variant, but more recent Clearlooks seem to have
made it use brighter background colors.  If we just depend on
Clearlooks, we have to decide what to do with this.

4) Where should the desktop themes go?  Desktop themes have
translatable content, so we really want them in Gnome CVS.

5) If we're going to depend on Clearlooks, is there any chance
we could get it hosted on our CVS server, using our bugzilla,
and making releases on our FTP servers?  I think it would make
things more pleasant for everybody.

6) I sent off my default theme declaration about a week ago.
Whatever the technical solution is, I need it to happen now.
We hit UI freeze in less than a week.


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