Re: gtk 2.8 for gnome 2.12

On Wed, 20 Jul 2005 18:10:04 -0400, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> 	* Cairo itself has a list of requirements for 1.0 in 
> 	  cairo/ROADMAP and it looks far from finished.  
> 	  Section "A9" will break the API, work remains on "A10", "A12"
> 	  and possibly "A13".  This is in addition to various other
> 	  items still on the queue before they release 1.0.

I just updated the ROADMAP[1] to reflect our current plans, which is
that all API _changes_ are scheduled for an as-soon-as-possible 0.6,
leaving just a couple of API additions on the 1.0 roadmap.

Of the 4 API changes mentioned there, 3 of them have patches on the
cairo mailing list that have already been reviewed and appear to have
consensus, (in fact Keith just committed one).

And the last API change should just change a handful of functions from
returning cairo_status_t to have a return type of void[2]. I'll work
on that now.

> 	* We do not have a commitment not to break the API after the
> 	  GNOME 2.12 release in six weeks.

I do commit to that.

We'll have cairo 0.6 out within days not weeks. And the API/ABI
stable 1.0 out within weeks not months, (as soon as we can, and
before GNOME 2.12).

So those are my plans for cairo. Please make your own plans and
decisions accordingly.



[2] This shouldn't break any programs since nobody checks error return
values anyway, right? ;-) ;-)

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