gtk 2.8 for gnome 2.12

This was sort of already decided in the thread, but after the release
team meeting today, we figured it was worth mentioning officially.

GNOME 2.12 *will* depend on gtk 2.8.

What does this mean for you?

* if you're the gtk team, congrats; your responsiveness and general
stability won over some skeptical bastards in the QA team.

* if you're a developer; go ahead and use new 2.8 APIs[1]. If you do,
though, please make the change earlier rather than later, and test
thoroughly and make sure you obsessively report problems to the gtk
team, as you would with any new library with new API.

* if you're a distro, go ahead and package 2.7.3.

* if you're the QA and release team, no sleep yet- as with every new
module, we have to keep our eyes open for regressions and be ready to
roll back if things go badly. (We don't expect this to happen, as the
gtk team has been great about responding to bugs. But it is always an
option for every module, gtk is no exception.)

Anyway, it is now on the record- hope that clarifies for those who
still haven't read all of the last thread on the topic. :)


[1] list here:

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