Re: gtk 2.8 for gnome 2.12


> > 	* We do not have a commitment not to break the API after the
> > 	  GNOME 2.12 release in six weeks.
> I do commit to that.
> We'll have cairo 0.6 out within days not weeks. And the API/ABI
> stable 1.0 out within weeks not months, (as soon as we can, and
> before GNOME 2.12).

Those are fantastic news Carl, thanks, am looking forward for an API
stable Cairo. 

On a separate note:

I still think that making Gnome 2.12 depend on Gtk 2.8 is a mistake
considering that there is no way Gnome 2.12 could take advantage of the
handful of APIs at this point: we are already supposed to have chosen
the features and developers have only five days to introduce

If we depend on 2.6 those inclined could just replace 2.6 with 2.8 and
get their Cairo.


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