Re: gtk 2.8 for gnome 2.12

On 7/21/05, Miguel de Icaza <miguel ximian com> wrote:

> On a separate note:
> I still think that making Gnome 2.12 depend on Gtk 2.8 is a mistake
> considering that there is no way Gnome 2.12 could take advantage of the
> handful of APIs at this point: we are already supposed to have chosen
> the features and developers have only five days to introduce
> dependencies.

We had already said apps should go forward with caution back in early
June[1] (and apps likely started doing so sooner; it wasn't until
Frederic brought up the issue[2] that we started considering not using
gtk+-2.8 for Gnome 2.12).  We said "with caution" at the time because
we were more worried than normal (for reasons such as the ones you
gave) that we'd have to revert to an older gtk+.  So apps have had
some time to make changes (even if they were conditional or were
worried about needing to revert).  Also, as already pointed out by
Vincent[3] and Johnathan[4], apps have done this, it fixes bugs that
are unfixable otherwise, and UI freeze isn't the last opportunity to
take advantage of the new API.

I also do not see why "not enough time to make use of new APIs" is a
more severe problem than using an unsupported version of gtk+[5].

Really, though, the decision was made and finalized after it had been
brought up lots of times.  I'm sorry, but I don't see your current
reason as cause enough for us to bring it onto the discussion table

Hope that helps somehow,

[1] There may be other emails that provided more detail, but this is
what I found in a quick search:

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