Re: gtk 2.8 for gnome 2.12

On Thu, 2005-07-21 at 15:39 -0400, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello,
> > > The QA team does not consider a GTK+ 2.8-based GNOME more fragile than a
> > > 2.6-based one. The QA team believes the issues involved in upgrading
> > > this component of the GNOME desktop are no greater than upgrading any
> > > other fundamental library.
> > 
> > Let me rephrase a little: the QA team[1] has been testing gtk 2.7, and
> > while we realize that gtk is deeper in the stack and as a result can
> > cause some deeply hidden and hard-to-debug bugs, at this point we feel
> > that gtk 2.7 is essentially as stable as 2.6 for the end-user, and
> > more importantly, bugs in 2.7 are being fixed quickly and reliably by
> > the gtk team; bugs in 2.6 are not.
> For how long has the QA team been running a Gtk 2.7.3 based desktop?
> And what kinds of tests have been done?  I mean to get an idea of the
> testing happening in this area that lead to this very strong
> endorsement. 

Normally the testing simple consists of running the desktop and dumping
all issues into bugzilla. Of course, the QA team *reads* bugzilla - bugs
reported both by the rest of the bugsquad and dedicated users - and due
to the nature of bug-buddy and our beta testers, the bugzilla
philosophy is to err on the side of filing lots, even duplicates, not
running the risk of not filing a major issue.

The bugsquad is constantly looking out for major issues across the stack
that would cause the release to suck. Although it doesn't always
succeed, which is why we keep asking to be informed if people know about
a major issue, we don't do badly.

> We know that the testing at most has been running for six days.


> This is a breach of the time-line and a breach of deadlines that we have
> imposed upon ourselves to follow.

I really don't follow the breach of deadline argument; as has been
pointed out several times, people have been using GTK 2.7 for a while.
The original e-mail in this thread was just to clarify that they
probably weren't going to be asked to suddenly remove all the
2.7-specific-API from their apps for the GNOME release, a consensus that
already existed.

I would be surprised if this causes a release slip.


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