Re: filename translation implementation - how to decide

On Mer, 2004-12-15 at 22:07, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> So, for every filename, you'd call fdo_get_desktop_dir() and compare
> with that, and if its true you'd call fdo_get_desktop_displayname(),
> repeat for all special folders. Doesn't sound very efficient.

Well that kind of programming would explain some of the gnome
performance, but
why would you do both ?

> It could be done better, but basically you'd end up with doing both
> systems, and then only supporting one anyway. Increasing complexity,
> lowering performance, and generally confusing things.

A bit rich from the "translate the name and watch hell break out" camp.

I do actually think there is short term scope in the translate approach,
providing nobody is dumb enough to just translate it. Translating
Desktop to "Desktop (Bwrdd Gwaith)" isn't quite so bad as not
translating it but not as good as a real solution.

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