Re: filename translation implementation - how to decide

Il giorno mer, 15-12-2004 alle 16:21 +0100, Alexander Larsson ha
> Since the time is ticking for the glib/gtk+ API freeze we're soon gonna
> run out of time to get this API in place at the right place (glib).
> Therefore, to further what I think is the right decision I implemented
> the gettext method in glib/gtk+/libgnomeui/nautilus. Patches and test
> filesystem po file attached.


I agree wrt the noise/signal ratio problem of this thread, however there
seems to be consensus on at least one thing: this problem has to be
addressed on a fd.o level and afaik the discussion has been for now only
internal to GNOME.

IMHO any solution should not be rushed until we are sure that every fd.o
party will adopt it. If this means we'll miss the glib freeze for this
devel cycle, so be it. It just means that we'll have to keep "Desktop",
"Templates" and (if it is accepted) "Public" for another six months.


PS: since you still seem to favour the gettext approach, I would like to
at least see a response to the possible problems with that approach
which were pointed out after your initial proposal and that even Havoc


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