Re: filename translation implementation - how to decide

> > 
> > IMHO any solution should not be rushed until we are sure that every fd.o
> > party will adopt it. If this means we'll miss the glib freeze for this
> > devel cycle, so be it. It just means that we'll have to keep "Desktop",
> > "Templates" and (if it is accepted) "Public" for another six months.
> I think its unlikely that we'll get any solution if we take the
> discussion to a broader list if we can't even get a decision here. Right
> after I sent my first mail i mailed some core kde people and asked them
> on their opinion on this. I haven't gotten any replies yet.
> I've made freedesktop standards before, and I know that unless you have
> a basic consensus formed already its basically impossible to get
> anything done. You'll just get even more opinions.

But we dont have to agree on the implementation if we have an fdo lib.
All we have to agree on is an interface (fdo_get_desktop_dir) which
should be a formality. Implementation can then be easily changed as

Is there consensus for an fdo lib? I got the impression no one objected
to that and quite a few supported the idea.


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