Re: filename translation implementation - how to decide

On Wed, 2004-12-15 at 19:33 +0000, Jamie McCracken wrote:
> > > 
> > > IMHO any solution should not be rushed until we are sure that every fd.o
> > > party will adopt it. If this means we'll miss the glib freeze for this
> > > devel cycle, so be it. It just means that we'll have to keep "Desktop",
> > > "Templates" and (if it is accepted) "Public" for another six months.
> > 
> > I think its unlikely that we'll get any solution if we take the
> > discussion to a broader list if we can't even get a decision here. Right
> > after I sent my first mail i mailed some core kde people and asked them
> > on their opinion on this. I haven't gotten any replies yet.
> > 
> > I've made freedesktop standards before, and I know that unless you have
> > a basic consensus formed already its basically impossible to get
> > anything done. You'll just get even more opinions.
> But we dont have to agree on the implementation if we have an fdo lib.
> All we have to agree on is an interface (fdo_get_desktop_dir) which
> should be a formality. Implementation can then be easily changed as
> needed. 

On the contrary, the API for a library is highly dependant on how the
standard works. It should be obvious to anyone that actually read my
initial mail that the two solutions have a very different API.

> Is there consensus for an fdo lib? I got the impression no one objected
> to that and quite a few supported the idea.

Freedesktop generally standardizes on standards, not libraries/APIs.
Although in some cases there is a freedesktop example implementation in
most cases there is not even that.

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