Re: Who can touch Desktop

Yesterday at 16:55, Maciej Katafiasz wrote:

> Dnia 11-12-2004, sob o godzinie 22:41 +0100, Danilo Šegan napisał:
>> > I don't expect ncftp to default to the "desktop" for its downloads; as a
>> > matter of fact, I don't expect _anything_ except Nautilus to care about
>> > "Desktop" at all. "Desktop" is Nautilus' playground only. In fact, if
>> > anything dumps stuff onto my desktop without me doing so (ie. without
>> > the implicit help of Nautilus) I would be very cross.
>> That defeats the purpose of the desktop as a place to work on.
>> You pretty much don't want to use your desktop.  You probably expect
>> all applications to default to your $HOME.  If it was so, you don't
>> actually need the desktop, so I suggest setting your desktop to be
>> $HOME itself, and you'll finally find some use for the desktop :)
> Uh, no. That was recently discussed wrt to default donwloads location,
> but let me repeat that once again: Desktop is *my* workplace, and
> trespassers will be shot. No exceptions. Regardless of how app gets hold
> of my Desktop, there is absolutely NO possibility of it touching my
> files there, unless that's explicitly requested by me in person.

I understood "'Desktop' is Nautilus' playground only" as meaning that
you can't access it from outside Nautilus (eg. from within any other
app using filechooser).  The mention of "implicit help of Nautilus"
supports my understanding.

Perhaps I'm too technical, and you're thinking of gnome-vfs instead?
I.e. in your opinion, "Desktop" should not be a user visible folder
at all?  Simply, back to ~/.gnome2/desktop?

>> If you don't want $HOME to be shown on your desktop, but still don't
>> use your desktop, then you're better off not using Nautilus for
>> drawing the desktop (you'll shorten load time, and save some memory).
> Huh? Why do you think I don't want to have $HOME visible on Desktop?

That was a discussion of possible options, if you want to be able to
see Desktop only from within Nautilus.

Defaults have to exist.  If you don't expect ncftp (or, enter your app
name here) to download to your desktop, where do you expect it to
download to (by default)?  It is *you* who is explicitely asking for
it to download something, and I find it quite reasonable that it
downloads it to *your* workplace, if not explicitely specified
otherwise.  It ain't me asking for a download, and it ain't happening
by itself.

That was an example I was replying to.  It's even cited in the
context above, so please explain me what are you actually arguing
for that is in conflict with whatever I said?

Defense rests,

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