Re: Font Configuration Applet

On Sun, 2004-12-05 at 18:58 +0100, Sebastian Kapfer wrote:
> On Sat, 04 Dec 2004 21:24:16 -0500, Andrew Johnson wrote:
> > Also the details I DO need to use sometimes, because of RGB order(some
> > screens rgb order is inverted/off) and DPI( dpi detection and
> > setting is broken - not something you can wish away because it might
> > confuse the user).
> BTW, the DPI setting is nuts anyway.  I'm running the same GNOME setup on
> different machines which of course have different DPI numbers.  I've set
> up the X servers with the correct DisplaySizes, but found no way (UI or
> GConf) to tell GNOME to leave my XFT DPI settings alone.  Instead, I had
> to patch settings-daemon to stop messing with it.  Sorry if I missed
> something obvious.

The DPI in the font details page is the scaling ratio between pixel size
and font size in points. This number has, in general, very little to
do with the physical DPI of the screen. It does have something to do
with the *angular* resolution of your screen, but as of currently 
it's impossible to query the monitor to find out how far the user is
sitting from it.

For extreme cases, think handhelds or projectors. Or simply think about
changing screen resolution. People don't expect their fonts to drop to a
smaller pixel size when they switch to a lower resolution.

Maybe you have three monitors on three machines, one 15 inch, one 17
inch, one 21 inch, and you sit the same distance from all three 
monitors, so following the physical resolution of the screen is the
right thing to do. But this is just an exceedingly rare special case of
the general case where someone wants font sizes to vary between
machines. Remembering a per-monitor font size might make sense, a GUI
setting to follow the physical DPI strikes me as not sense.


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