Re: Making nautilus faster with large directories


On Sun, 2004-12-05 at 18:41 -0500, William Lovaton wrote:
> Now that nautilus has received lots of love, may be it's a good time to
> propose another improvement: Make it faster with directories that have a
> large number of files in it.  Specially the files that could use
> thumbnailing like images, video, etc.
> I sent this mail to nautilus-list proposing an optimization that should
> make the situation a lot better but got no answer:
> This should be considered for 2.10.  Any thoughts?

Good idea. I think it would be better. Please file a bug[1] so it
doesn't get forgotten. Also, Bugzilla seems to be the right place to
discuss about new features or bugs. That way, they don't get lost and
you will probably get faster replies. A mail is just a mail message, a
bug is a *BUG* which, at least, needs to be resolved ;)


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