Re: vcard-integration for gnome

<quote who="Darko Obradovic">

> Well, I don't really like the approach of that contest, they prescribe  
> lots of implementation details, especially they act like evo-2.0  
> already contains the official gnome-addressbook, and then, focusing on  
> gaim for IM...
> The bad thing about this is that it's obviously quite official, and by  
> offering money, you eliminate alternative ideas/approaches. :(


The idea is to get desktop integration going. A lot of that will end up
involving fairly general interfaces. For instance, Evo2 has lots of stuff
that anyone could use to integrate with it. So, even if you're a Balsa or
Gossip user/developer, you should still be able to get under the covers, so
to speak. :-)

Personally, I think Gossip (using the libgaim backend, as Richard and
Mickael are planning) will be *the* elite GNOME instant messaging client,
and hope that participants in the hunt keep genericity in mind. No good
having "desktop integration" if only the "official" stuff integrates with
it. ;-)

  (It is somewhat disappointing that the discussion about evo-data-server
  being part of GNOME wasn't brought up before the Bounty Hunt stuff was
  announced - I can assure you that quite a few Board members were asking
  Nat very politely to make sure this happened, but, that's the way it is.
  There is no guarantee that it will be in 2.6 anyway - the Evo dudes have
  to convince us that it should be!)


- Jeff

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