Re: vcard-integration for gnome

Am 23.11.2003 11:47 schrieb(en) Jeff Waugh:
Hi, The idea is to get desktop integration going. A lot of that will end up involving fairly general interfaces. For instance, Evo2 has lots of stuff that anyone could use to integrate with it.

you bet. And even me realized this. :)

So, even if you're a Balsa or Gossip user/developer, you should still be able to get under the covers, so to speak. :-)

like mentioned before, I only know the 1.4-situation up to now, and thats not so good. Looking forward to investigating 2.0.

(It is somewhat disappointing that the discussion about evo-data- server being part of GNOME wasn't brought up before the Bounty Hunt stuff was announced - I can assure you that quite a few Board members were asking Nat very politely to make sure this happened, but, that's the way it is. There is no guarantee that it will be in 2.6 anyway - the Evo dudes have to convince us that it should be!)

if data-center doesn't trigger evolution as dependency, and provides generic data-locations, it would be the perfect thing for which I started this thread and should definitely be part of gnome.

Thanks for the hints, that slightly altered my opinion about the contest. :)

Darko Obradovic

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