Re: vcard-integration for gnome

On Sun, 2003-11-23 at 05:47, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> The idea is to get desktop integration going. A lot of that will end up
> involving fairly general interfaces. For instance, Evo2 has lots of stuff
> that anyone could use to integrate with it. So, even if you're a Balsa or
> Gossip user/developer, you should still be able to get under the covers, so
> to speak. :-)

That is exactly the intent; we want the EDS interfaces to be generally
usable across the desktop.  And if they have specific problems that make
them unsuitable for other apps, we want to fix them.

>   (It is somewhat disappointing that the discussion about evo-data-server
>   being part of GNOME wasn't brought up before the Bounty Hunt stuff was
>   announced - I can assure you that quite a few Board members were asking
>   Nat very politely to make sure this happened, but, that's the way it is.
>   There is no guarantee that it will be in 2.6 anyway - the Evo dudes have
>   to convince us that it should be!)

We are trying our best to convince everyone :-).  And if what we have
now isn't good enough, we're going to do our best to fix it.

Sorry about launching the bounties at the same time the proposal to
include Evolution in GNOME 2.6 was sent.  The thing is that until you
see specific examples of the ways the desktop user experience can be
enhanced by a single shared addressbook/calendar subsystem, it's hard to
make a case for doing that...


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