Re: vcard-integration for gnome

Am 22.11.2003 23:48 schrieb(en) Fred Smith:
Well, it seems that some other group at has been working on
this type of functionality too, or at least has identified it as
something that gnome needs.

In fact, it seems that someone could make a tidy sum of money for a
single, centralized gnome address book system that integrated with
evolution, gaim, gnome-meeting, MrProject, and gnome-vfs.

First, that issue certainly was no smart invention by me, but a rather obvious need for gnome. Well, I don't really like the approach of that contest, they prescribe lots of implementation details, especially they act like evo-2.0 already contains the official gnome-addressbook, and then, focusing on gaim for IM... The bad thing about this is that it's obviously quite official, and by offering money, you eliminate alternative ideas/approaches. :(

Perhaps we can take some cues from the KDE people, but in the reverse
direction.  They integrated KMail, Kalendar, and all the other
components into a single PIM application.  Couldn't the various
Evolution components be placed inside a (bonobo? wombat? i'm not sure
which component does what) wrapper that turned them into separate

I think KDE did the right thing. They have a lib for accessing the data, and many apps use it. The "kde-pim"-package is just a collection of these apps+lib, as they do it for alle the other blocks, kde-edu, kde-games and so on. Not sure though.

Darko Obradovic

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