Re: Missing file in libxklavier CVS

> no upgrades sounds fine.
> no translations is not a good idea.
Well, I intentionally said: no translations. Even the xfree86.xml itself
(head version, actually used in XFree) it not properly translated. And I
surely would like it to be translated (and for this reason I am ready to
move it from sf to gnome CVS). But this "fallback" file - do you really
think it would make sense to put a lot of GTP efforts into the file
which people should virtually never see (and the more people move to
XFree 4.3 - the less people will notice this file)? I'm afraid this
would be real waste of such a valuable resource as GTP.

> Would it make life easier if the dup lived in gnome cvs rather than
> libxklavier ?

So, what we could do - move xfree86.xml module into GNOME CVS - so at
least the version in XFree would be properly translated (and the faster
we do it - the better - the version 4.4 is going to be released soon).
Surely, this is only possible if GTP does not mind helping XFree. And I
would keep the fallback version untranslated. Just for the simplicity
sake. Sure, I could create special branch for the version related to
XFree 4.2 - so translators could work with it etc. But this would return
me to the point where I don't want to be - _maintaining_ this file in
libxklavier. Which I don't want. I just want to put it there - and


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