Re: Missing file in libxklavier CVS

> There is no difference in my eyes between putting the file in CVS
> and putting it in a released tarball.  How about a compromise.
The only difference for me is that tarballs are fixed - and CVS is
moving. I just do not want to handle this file on the move - only at the
release points.

>     - Put it in CVS as 'local_non_editable_fall_back_copy_of_xfree86_xkb.xml'
Well, the name does not matter much. I am happy with just xfree86.xml:)

> Having a release tarball that does not correspond to some version of
> CVS makes me uncomfortable.
Hmmm. The pressure on me is really high. And I do not still understand
why EXTERNAL library takes so much attention regarding the purity of its
"maintainer build" process (not even builds from tarball). BTW, what
would happen if libxklavier would have been being released from some
closed CVS?:) Is it a common practive/fashion to build external
libraries from their own respective CVSes?

Another idea. What if I put some HOWTO.BUILD_FROM_CVS with the detailed
description of the proper way to deal with the missing xfree86.xml? It
wont really help with automating things - but at least would warn people
- "look, there are complications here"


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