Re: Missing file in libxklavier CVS

I got an idea. This file in libxklavier is essentially a fallback
version. Only for XFree 4.2- and commercial X servers. So what I _can_
do is to put some fixed, unmaintainable (no upgrades, no translations)
version of this file into xklavier - and freeze it (and not even the
current one - the version I had for XFree 4.2!). Anyway, who needs new
layouts/models/... (from XFree 4.3.+) there if XFree 4.2.0 does not have
any info about them?

The will be two classes of people who'd suffer:

1. Owners of commercial X servers (well, this part is in trouble
initially anyway - I got no reports from people running gswithit on
anything but XFree)

2. Strange people running XFree 4.2- who want to get the
layout/model/... names localized.

How does this sound to you, folks?


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