TARBALLS DUE: *_DISABLE_DEPRECATED clean 2.4 or 2.5 series releases

Hey everyone,

Well, here's an unconventional tarballs due announcement; and not because it
skimps on bad puns, or engages in abnormal use of exclamation marks or
inflammatory political commentary. It's just run of the mill unconventional.
So to speak.

Public testing of 2.5 is languishing because it is currently impossible to
build the entire tarball stack on top of GTK+ 2.3 - we have a large number
of 2.4 and 2.5 series tarballs that build with *_DISABLE_DEPRECATED flags.

In an effort to solve that, we're calling for fixed tarballs, no matter
which series you choose to release... Maintainers (including those who have
proposed modules [1] for 2.5) should:

  1. Release a 2.5 series tarball with appropriate build fixes.
     You can skip this if you haven't branched, or don't think it's worth it
     at this stage (it's always up to maintainers if they want to release or
     not, but we'd like to encourage it as much as we can).

  2. Release a new 2.4 series tarball with appropriate build fixes.
     You can skip this if you're not concerned about your 2.4 series
     releases building against GTK+ 2.3. I'm guessing that only the more
     independent module maintainers will want to worry about this (such as
     Epiphany, GnomeMeeting, etc).

With these releases out of the way, we can kick off the 2.5 series properly,
and encourage our intrepid testers to get stuck into it early!


- Jeff

[1] http://www.gnome.org/start/2.5/modules/

GNOME Summit 2003: New York, USA          http://www.nylxs.com/events/gnome/
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