Re: 2.3 Proposed Features

Ps, from what i hear, Galeon 2 is all but dead. A while back the founder of
the galeon project resigned from it, since he had to much disagreements with
the other developers; And currently the project is seeing hardly any

Since then he (the founder, Marco Pesenti Gritti if i remeber correctly) has
started a project called 'Epiphany', which was largely based on the Galeon2
code base but has a few guidelines which are different then Galeon's were:

- HIG Compliant
- Gnome(2) Intergration
- Simple design
- Follow havoc's idea's on user preferences
- Target non-tech users

All in all i would say that list would fit in very well with the ideas on
which gnome2 is being developed. (I think a lot of ppl will agree galeon1/2
was a bit feature rich, had to much options, etc).

I don't know how far along the project currently is, but it seems still
alive, and the author seems to be very set on getting to a usable, simple
and stable release asap. (maybe some ppl on the list would feel inspired to
help?) Seems a stable, simple, well intergrated web browser would be of
great benifit to gnome 2

The source is located in gnome's cvs already, and the project page/mailing
lists can be found on:

ps, as a side note: I've been using mozilla-gtk2 for over a month now, and
it is progressing rapidly towards being usable and bug free.. i presume that
would be required for a well working 'epiphany' without having to load 2
glib/gtk versions

Hoping this rant/pointer is of some use,

    -- Chris

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> How will apps like Galeon and Evolution fit in with our timeline?

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