gtk features


Since not everyone is on gtk-devel-list, I thought I'd point out
Owen's 2.4 plan here:

If you have a feature you want in 2.4, *and you plan to work on it
over the next couple months*, and it's not already on the list on that
page, you probably want to bring it up on gtk-devel-list right away
and also be sure it's in bugzilla on the 2.4 freeze.

For each feature though someone has to be willing to drive the
discussion and design iterations and to write the code based on
consensus.  i.e. there's already a long wishlist, the point is to list
features that are actively being targeted at 2.4.

Some notable missing items are the widgets for nicer HIG compliance:

Also some items that would be nice (IMO anyway) for de-crufting

 - session management 
 - icon theme support
 - some sort of "display help" API (probably hooking in to a loadable backend)

There are a couple other things in libegg that look like they should
be in the plan if there's a volunteer, such as screen-exec etc.


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